Hiya!  We are so happy to have you in our little corner of the internet.  We are a mother + daughter duo with a passion for creating beautiful accessories for women and their homes. Dedicated to inspiring, educating, and crafting beauty - for us, it's all about celebrating creativity by making the everyday extraordinary.

Who are "we"? We are Kate (daughter) + Robbie (mother).  It's so nice to meet you!  If you want to read more about who we are, we have covered just about everything in our About Us page.

Kate: Hi everyone!  I would like to WELCOME and thank you for stopping in.  I do most of the photography and blogging for Sew with Bambino Amore while mom does most of the creating.  It's a true partnership and I'm stoked to be able to work with my mom!

Robbie:  Hi there!  I  would also like to WELCOME and thank you for taking the time to explore our new adventure.  Like Kate said, I do most of the creating and behind the scenes sort of stuff, but, from time to time, I will pop in to post a few things.
Apron Patterns for Women . Retro Aprons . Apron Sewing Patterns . Bambino Amore . Sweetheart Bodice Tutorial
Our intentions for this blog:

  1. Inspire + Educate - With each and every post, we intend to offer inspiration and a learning opportunity.
  2. Help You Create a Homemade Business - Although we don't talk about it very often, our apron shop, Bambino Amore, is one of Etsy's top 1% shops - worldwide.  It is our goal to help you cultivate a lucrative homemade business, if that is your goal.  
  3. Share Our Creativity - If you have been a fan of our apron shop, you know that we have a never-ending supply of creativity!  We intend to share that creativity here on our Sew With Bambino Amore blog.  
Apron Patterns for Women . Retro Aprons . Apron Sewing Patterns . Bambino Amore . Sweetheart Bodice TutorialWe love working with vibrant fabrics and creating our own combinations by manipulating fabrics and working them in unusual ways.  We also love combining the old with the new and weaving unexpected elements in to our aprons - so if all of this sounds good to you, subscribe to our feed (in the sidebar), follow us on social media (links in the sidebar and footer), and if you'd like to see what we are creating for our Sew With Bambino Amore Etsy shop, you can do that with the link in the header.
Either way, we are excited to have you with us and we hope to talk soon! 

- Kate